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Day 6 of the preop diet:: Progress

on January 14, 2012

On Day 6 of the pre-op diet… the “blah’s” are starting to fit in. I’m starting to miss being able to eat a variety of food and getting sick of chocolate Atkins shakes, chicken broth, and jello. I’m eating a ton of sugar-free Popsicles too. I’ll admit that I’ve “cheated” and had a few crackers here and there. Going without carbs cold turkey is the hardest part! I’m definitely going to nix any carbs from here on out, because surgery is four days away!

I’ve also gotten a nasty head cold. Some friends have suggested it could be from the sugar withdrawal, but the death cold is going around at work. I called my surgeon, and the nurse said it wouldn’t necessarily prohibit me from having surgery, as long as my chest isn’t congested.  But she cleared me to treat it with acetaminophen-based products. For some reason, in my area, Tylenol cold and sinus (my go-to drug) is not on the shelves, so I’m taking DayQuill & NightQuill (confirmed with the pharmacist that it is safe for pre-op) as well as Affrin nasal spray. I’ve also been drinking Emergen-C, which the nurse cleared, but told me to limit to two packets a day because each packet has 5 grams of carbs (the same amount in my protein shake!) Here’s hoping that the cold lifts before Thursday!

Weighed myself this morning… 236.6, which means I’m down 3 lbs since Monday. Not spectacular, but encouraging. I also took my measurements:

hips: 57″          waist: 46.5″     bust: 50″   thigh: 29.5″     arm: 14.5″

I used to work at Weight Watchers, as a receptionist for four years (more on that at a later date), and know that while the scale sometimes won’t show progress, your measurements definitely will.  Like I said in the previous post, since my breakup with my ex almost 8 months ago, I’ve gained 30 lbs and I don’t have alot of clothes that fit, especially work clothes…. I either need to lose weight or buy bigger ones, and I haven’t since I know the surgery was approaching.

At times, this blog might take a personal turn from time to time, which I hope is okay with everyone. The truth is, I’m terrified of going into this surgery alone. Yes, my family will be there and a few close friends are planning to be at the hospital the day after, but I wish that I had someone special there. To be quite honest, the breakup still weighs heavily on my heart, and while I’m lonely, I’m not ready to date again. The relationship, and the breakup, was abusive and crazy-making…. and even 8 months later, he and his new girlfriend continues to find ways to hurt me.  I just  don’t trust men anymore, even though I still dream of falling in love, marrying, and having a family.   To top it all off, this school year has been insane. I’m in my tenure year at work, and also in my last year of grad school. With all that, meeting men is impossible, and I frankly don’t have time to date, even though I want to. I do have a fwb, that I see occasionally, but the security that he offers me is temporary, which just makes the loneliness worse.

So I live my life alone, with the companionship of a few female friends that I grew closer to after the breakup, and my cat and horse. Unfortunately, I lost my best friend, Tom, in the breakup.  That’s one of my biggest regrets about everything… hurting him. It’s been almost a year, and I’ve tried to contact him, but he won’t speak to me. Short of going to his house, I don’t know what to do. I wish that I could at least apologize to his face before the surgery. The surgery has its risks, and I just wish I could go into the hospital with a clear conscience, because he does deserve an apology. He’s the only person I could ever have a long, deep conversation with, and I wish that I could talk to him about how I feel about the surgery, since I think he’s the only one that could understand.

To end this post on a light note, I’ve started packing my bag for the hospital. I’ve done a little bit of research about what to bring with me. So I bought a warm, zip up “breakfast” robe, with some slippers, Burt’s Bees lip balm (since I’ve heard many hospitals will not let you use petroleum based products when you are on oxygen, since there’s a chance it will explode. ) I’ve also brought some air freshener (in a non-food scent) to make the room smell better.  Those will all go in the bag with a few pairs of fresh undies, bras, and pj pants, plus a pillow, cell phone with charger, and my teddy bear. I’ll probably also pick up a few magazines. Any ideas?



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